Multimedia Content Sharing Technology

Create and send video (+more) everywhere at once

Content marketing has two steps.

  • Create content – in video, audio, image and text formats – that is relevant, valuable and story-driven.
  • Send your content to all your online properties (website, membership site, blog, social media accounts, iTunes, email system, etc.)

This second step of content marketing distribution sounds hard doesn’t it?

We thought so too — which is why we started developing the Content XLerator system back in 2010. We first put this system into beta testing in 2011 and it was officially launched in 2015.

This system enables content authors — using a smartphone, tablet and computer – to record/upload video, audio, image, document files and text content and have the submitted content automatically publish to multiple online locations with one action.

Content XLerator, developed in Milwaukee, WI, addresses the three primary challenges of content marketing:

  1. Need to produce lots of content cost-effectively
  2. Complexity of using video and audio, the preferred content marketing medium
  3. Hassle of having to log into numerous online accounts to broadly distribute your content

Content XLerator:

  • Supports video and audio recording/uploading via a smartphone, tablet or webcam
  • Provides private hosting for all media types, including podcasts
  • Sends video to multiple video social media sites (YouTube, Daily Motion, Vimeo) via one action
  • Sends multimedia content (video, audio, image, text) to multiple locations (website, social media, email, apps) via one action
  • Syndicates video to a network of local sites

Features include:

  • Supports video, audio, image and text
  • Displays distributed content on any browser
  • Works with all internet-connected devices
  • Enables customer-generated content
  • Provides multiple methods of implementation
  • Enables content approval before sending
  • Integrates with other applications via an API
  • In development: data analytics and marketing feature add-ons – optimized for small to midsize businesses

Using Content XLerator is the dream of any content marketer. It can be used for:

  • Simple recording of video or audio using a webcam, tablet or smartphone
  • Collecting customer testimonials/stories/review in multiple media formats
  • Simple, fast and easy distribution of multimedia content to multiple locations
  • Simple addition of multimedia content to your blog, member site, LMS or eCommerce system
  • Video and audio email
  • Large file sharing
  • Syndicating multimedia content to local affiliate sites
  • Training applications, such as for online learning and recording of live demo role-plays
  • Time-shifted communication applications, such as video interviewing

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